Freedom for Nasrin Sotoudeh: The action will not cease until the regime will have her released

The European Parliament in Brussels granted Nasrin Sotoudeh only last week the Sakharov peace prize to set a clear signal of solidarity towards the population in Iran. The public in Europe was informed on a large scale about her deploring situation and the situation of many political prisoners in Iran. Meanwhile she is still being kept in prison as many of her fellow prisoners who work for human rights issues in Iran or dare to give their own opinions publicly.
The International Organisation to preserve Human Rights in Iran (IOPHRI) decided to stage her first action in favor of Mrs Sotoudehs release in front of one of the embassies of the IRI in Europe, in order to demand her immediate and unconditional release. It is a warning to the Regime that more actions will take place in other European capitals with embassies of the IRI.
Members of Amnesty, karamat and IOPHRI gathered in Brussels, where they displayed posters demanding the release of the detained lawyer in more then 10 languages. A march of solidarity with music was performed and the demand was loudly voiced.


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