“Dialogues for Freedom” – Humans, Rights, Commitment

Some dream about them, some try to inform others about them and yet others know nothing about the privilege they are being granted: human rights.
Iran gives one of the most horrific examples for a state that massively and systematically persecutes its citizens. This is well known throughout the world by now.
"What can we do?" ask citizens in our conferences on Iran throughout Europe again and again.
On Saturday, 16th of February 2013 speakers from different European countries will explain their motives to engage in human rights and will give some examples of how they act.
In the same time the exhibition "Cultural diversity – destructive regime" that opened last year on the premises of the Brussels based European Parliament will be reopened at the Schwanenburg on this day. The work of four organisations will be presented in parallel to the exhibition: Amnesty Internationals university group, Hannover, Society for threatened people, Göttingen, International Organisation to preserve Human Rights in Iran, London and Karamat association, Hannover.
Persian-european Musik will celebrate the march of 80.000 nematollah Gonabadi dervishes in front of the parliament in Teheran from 2009. The march was staged in protest of the destructions and persecutions of the regime in Iran against fellow dervishes four month before the rigges presidential elections. After this event several millions of citizens dared to head into the streets, as the so-called "Green Movement" behind Mussavi and Karoubi demonstrated.
The brutal reactions of Khamenei’s regime towards its citizens by torture, prison rapes and punishments from the stone ages like amputations and executions have currently raised an atmosphere of fear and depression.
In June 2013 next presidential elections in Iran will be staged. According to the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei the worlds most free elections. Meanwhile the regime raises a campaign of intimidation against journalists in the country and abroad. Internet access is limited and certain sites with background information are blocked.
Who will dare to help the citizens in Iran to remove the violent and tyrannical regimes cloack? Will western powers interfere and attack Iran? Certainly Iran will be focussed by the worlds attention. But which informations will leak out of the country?


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