Press release: ‘Playing chess with Satan’ – Amarioun spreads lies

In Iran the website of Amarioun has full freedom and the backing of the Intelligence Security Services of Iran to publish every false news or accusations. On 10th of February 2013, Javad Mehrabi the head of ‘Dideban Centre’ in Qom published a statement.
With publishing the statement of Javad Mehrabi, which is full of lies and fabrications, three facts become very apparent: 
1)   The Dideban centre in Qom, the religious centers in Qom and other centers and organizations constantly create false propaganda and accusations against human rights lawyers, human rights activists and freedom fighters in Iran and the rest of the world in order to create a reason to arrest and put them into prison. They are working under the leadership of the Amarioun group.
2)   Some of the members of Dideban centre in Qom, religious centers in Qom, and the spiritual health centre in Qom are members of the Intelligence Services of the Basiji Revolutionary Guards and the cyber army of the Basiji who hide under the outfit of clergies.
3)   All the lies, propaganda and major conflicts that we recently witnessed in Iran are planned and instigated in these centers and the members of the centers take action in order to implement their plans. After broadcasting the serial TV program called ‘Armageddon’ on Iranian Channel 4, which had hardly any audience and became a flop, they started a new program on radio called ‘Playing Chess with Satan’. It was announced as “the new radio program which is made to fight against false mysticism’’.
The International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights in Iran (IOPHRI)
Berlin Toronto Washington Oslo branch 10th February 2013
Appendix: The mentioned statements full of lies and accusations written by Javad Mehrabi against Lawyers in Evin Prison are published in the website of Dideban and republished by the website ‘Amarioun’ and other websites like Bultan news.


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