“Islam is not a thing to be played by the Mullahs!”

"Our role here in Europe, in the free world, is to explain that Islam is not a thing to be played in the hand of the Mullahs. What does that mean?
For example in 1963 the Shah of Iran wanted to grant women the right to vote. In response to this Ayatollah Khomeini made himself heard as an Islamic authority and told that it is against Islam to let women vote and that it is a transgression of the religion of Islam. When the Shah went out of the country in 1979 one of the first things Khomeini did was to say that Islam authorizes women to vote and to go and become a member of the parliament. It means that he was manipulating Islam. He used the name of Islam in order to manipulate the mind of the mass.
It is very important to tell that Islam has an identity by itself and it is not possible to let some Mullahs to play with Islam. Often people don’t know Islam. They hear something from the mouth of religious authorities and they believe that it is Islam. Many atrocious acts have been done under the name of Islam, cutting peoples fingers, stoning and a lot of other things are done under the name of Islam. People in Europe and other parts of the world become angry against Islam. The regime in Iran transgresses the Human Rights and the International Community asks them why they are violating the Human Rights they deny this and claim to respect Human Rights but add to this that they respect Islamic Human Rights. In order to be able to violate Human Rights under a cover they simply add the label of Islam to Human Rights.

Thus it is up to us to make clear that there is only one Human Rights charter, which is respected by every nation in the world. Under the name of Islam no one can ever transgress the values of Human Rights. Our engagement here is not only for Iran, it is for humanity. It is a cultural battle against fanaticism and religious fascism. I think we need the help of everybody especially in the free world. The regime is very much afraid of the international opinion. When the international attention arises in front of their actions they suddenly change their actions.

Today we heard that they stopped officially the punishment of stoning in Iran. The parliament in Iran voted for the ceasement because they are under international pressure. This shows that the international pressure is very important. The public opinion in the free world is very important. It is not for Iran it is for everywhere in the world."


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