“A lot of efforts to eliminate and destroy their root…”

Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani says that there is no room for Tasavof (Sufism) in Islam. 
In an answer of Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani to a group of Tollab (religious-students) of Howzeh Elmieh in Qom he precises his accusations.

There is no room for Sufi activities in Islam
Report of the Shabestan Press in Qom, local departement:
>>Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani – in an answer to the question of a group of Tollab from Howzeh Elmieh Qom, – regarding the effort of the "Sufi-sects" to open KHANEGHAHs (sufi-centers), in order to infiltrate the mind of the young generation, reminded that "Sufi-gary" (Sufism) is a wrong (monharef) and false (batel) school (maslak).<<
According to Shabestan Press from Qom, the written answer of Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani is expressed in the following lines:
>>Everybody knows that the Prophet of Islam introduced the Holy Koran and Ahle Bayt (holy family of him/ 12 Imams in the eyes of the Shiites ) as the eternal guide for people. Ahle Bayt, ( 12 Imams ) rejected Sufism, since a sect under this name appeard in the space of the Muslim community, and declared that Sufism is a wrong and false path/school(maslak). Hazrat Sadegh (sixth Imam of Shiite) said: "the Sufis are our enemies, and the people who have any interest to the Sufis are our enemies as well".
We have to be conscious that the "Enemies of Islam" are going on to keep inventing the new sects inside of the Muslim society, in order to weaken Islam, as they invented the sect of Sheikhieh, Akhbarieh, Sufieh, Babieh, Bahaieh.. The main objective of the 70 Sufi-sects is to make a distance between People /from one hand/ and Ahel Bayt & the Representatives of the Hidden Imam/ from other hand. (to reach to this objective) the Sufis are exagerating about their masters (Qotb- Murshid) and attribute to those masters the miracles (Karamat) and spirtual level(Maghamat) even higher than the level of the Imams (in Shiism). You can have a look at the book of Sheikh Attar entitled Tazkeratol Awlia (the remembrance of the Awlia-Sufi masters) , to see by your-self how they are exagerating about the Sufi like Hassan Basri, Sofian Souri, Bayazid Bastami, Jonayd Baghdadi, Fozayl Ayaz, Ebrahim Adham, Mansour Hallaj,…
Unfortunately , the Sufi- sects reduced Islam -which is the religion of fighting and JIHAD- into sectarian acts such as zikr khafi, zikr jali, quarantine(seclusion of 40 days), wearing the Kherghe, repeating Ya-Hoo /loudly/, having the mustache, building the khaneghah …/ These rituals and behaviors are not at all rooted in Islam, and by this trick (tarfand), they paralyzed the fighting and moving character of Islam in front of the oppressors and unjust governments.  They (Sufis) deleted and put away, the distance and difference between Erfan (Islamic mysticism) which has a high and respected place in Islam, and Sufism. They pretend to be Aref (Mystics). There are a lot of injures and hurts from Sufism to the body of Islam. For example the oppressors such as Harroun Arrashid (Abbassid Khalif) and some Sultan of Safavid dynasty were building up the Khaneghahs for this Sect. They went to visit the Sufi-masters in those Khaneghahs, and made a cult of personality to venerate these masters, and listented to their advises, and bowed their head in front of them, and wept crocodile tears (weeping falsely) in their presence. The Sufi-master -who divide the Religion from the politic (Scholar) – introduced those Sultans as the "OL OL AMR"  and appreciated them. But these unjust oppressors -who are the persons who the Muslims should fight and do the Jihad against them -by the populistic  tricks of the Sufis  spread this false believe in the mind of the people that they are Muslims and the engaged persons. And by the support of those Sufi-master, they legitimized their government. 
In conclusion, one of the difficulties of the Muslim-societies during the history was these Sufis, and the important Ulema of Islam (the Mullahs) such as Alameh Helli, Moghadas Ardebili, Sheikh Bahaii, Majslesis (father and son), Sadrol Motealehin, Vahid Behbahani, Seyed Bahrol Uloum, Mirzaye Qomi, Agha Mohamad Ali Kermanshahi, did a lot of fights against this sect, and did a lot of efforts to eliminate and destroy their root, and tried to bring awareness about them into the mind of Muslims.
We think that today, thanks to God, the real face of the pure Islam is restored upon the life of the people (in Iran), and is showing it-self in the daily life of the muslims because of the "uprising of Imam Khomeini" (nehzat e Imam Khomeini), it does not remain any place for this category of sects in Iran.<<


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