Self-immolation in front of the Majles in Teheran – The man, Mohammed Genberi, is the third person belonging to the Yarsan community in three months time who burned himself in order to protest the violation of the rights and beliefs of the Yarsan. Prison officials had shaven off the moustache of an imprisoned Yarsan violently, which is a deep offense to the people of this old tradition.

Several Dervishes have been arrested during the last years in a regime campaign to push Dervishes of different orders to renounce their beliefs.

Ahl-e Haqq  is an oriental esoteric order that has attracted an immense number of followers over the centuries and has spread over a vast geographical area. In western provinces of Iran, (Kurdistan, Kermanshah and Azarbayejan) as well as Turkey and Iraq alone the adherents are estimated at around three million. In many towns and communities Ahl-e Haqq forms majority of the population. In recent decades the scope of the followers has expanded beyond the traditional boundaries and has reached many other countries.
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