Iranian Ministry of Intelligence creates new allegations – Disclosure of ridiculous but dangerous accusations of the circle of religious and sects of the Ministry of Intelligence against dervishes in IranRecently some websites such as “Fegheh News” which is linked to the "Circle of religions and sects of the Ministry of Intelligence” and is apparently managed by not yet identified people, started to spread very dangerous rumors against dervishes.After the repressive and law-breaking offices of the Intelligence abused the power of the judiciary in Iran to issue the unfair prison sentences, long period deportations against Gonabadi dervishes and fabricated unjust cases against them in the revolutionary courts in the provinces of Fars and Tehran; cases such as disturbing the public order, distorting public opinion, threatening the national security, communicating with foreign agents and possessing and hiding cold and warm weapons for the intention of using them, have now taken a new step to combat against the doctrine and path of dervishes. “Ferghhe News” website ( has published a new imaginary and baseless claim indicating that illegal drugs traffickers and sellers in Iran have become dervish so that they can implement their illegal works better and easier and consequently, the number dervishes in Iran have increased.This ridiculous claim is extremely dangerous, because as we have seen for many years that the judiciary system in Iran has been launching a wide wave of executions in various prisons in different cities of the country and also we have witnessed that most people who have been executed were allegedly drug smugglers and not fully proven.The "International Organisation to preserve human rights in Iran” rejects all these false and baseless allegations which has been launched by the intelligence propaganda system of Iran against dervishes, and this has alerted the international community and public opinion with the danger of this systematic lies method and its consequences, and by exposing these childish tricks demand for unconditional stop of this allegations.International Organisation to preserve human rights in Iran Berlin / Washington / Toronto Tuesday 30th July 2013


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